Breeding Program

To the Members of Hay!Land from the Players Council.

This is being posted here so that ALL members read this information that we have determined important to know about the breeders program.

The purpose of this program is simple. When Amy first joined the game, there were many many horses with great bloodlines. With the deminishing membership activity that we've had the last few years, players taking their great horses with them, we came up with this program to reintroduce some of those great bloodlines. The sole purpose of this program is to have a foals with those historic bloodlines reintroduced into the game. That doesn't mean to breed and sell, and breed and sell. That's just creating more horses in the game that are not wanted. If you don't want the foal, DON'T BREED IT!

Did you know?

  • That as a member of the Players' Council, If you decide to house some of the program horses, they WILL NOT count against the total number of horses that you own. They are stated in the ER as already being 'owned' by the Players' Council.
  • These horses MUST NOT be shown.
  • They must be properly exercised and cared for.
  • When your own horses are seen by the vet and farrier, you need to make sure these additional horses are seen as well.
  • You MUST order feed for them as well.
  • The BREEDING FEE is yours to keep. You have the right to say how much a mare should be 'leased for'. But the stallions should use their stud fees listed on their page of Crystals Web site. No part of this has to be turned in to the Council. It is only yours.

    As a player of the game, you are responsible for the following when you 'lease' a breeding program horse:

  • You must pay the breeders fee that the PC member says is appropriate for that horse.
  • You must NOT show these horses. They are in the game specifically for BREEDING.
  • If your leased breeding horse gets injured or sick, YOU must notify the council immediately.
  • You may not register these animals in the ER. They are already listed as being owned by the Players Council.
  • Within one week of the birth of the foal, it is REQUIRED that you submit the foals information to the Players Council. You may do this by emailing the council member to which the breeding mare is housed with. (For example, If I owned horse A, you would contact me. If Lija owned horse B, you'd contact her.) We need this information so that we may keep the foals information with the Sire and Dam. Having this foal, can not put your barn over your limit.
  • The foal MAY NOT be speed aged.
  • This foal may not be sold until it is a year old. This enables to give the foal the chance to experience training, showing and gain an actual show record and points.

    In order to use these special stallions and mares, YOU MUST take and pass the Breeders Exam. You must also supply a copy of it to the host farm owner for proof that you have taken and passed the exam.

    Being in posession of a breeder's license is required for any owners who want to have more than six foals per year. You must take this exam once & pay a fee of $5,000. Once you have passed you will be listed as a licensed barn & breeder and be given a certificate you may post on your barn page if you want. As a licensed breeder, In order to take the breeders exam, you must be a member in good standing for a year who has owned a private barn for at least 6 months. Email your exam answers to

    1. What are three different types of breeding methods? Which are allowed in Hay!Land?

    2. How long is a mare in foal for: Real Time? Hay!Land Time?

    3. Name a hormone that can alter an estrous cycle.

    4. Describe a worming and vaccination schedule for a pregnant mare and what she should be vaccinated for.

    5. What factors could affect the length of gestation? (numerous medical answers accepted)

    6. What traits do you look for when choosing your stallion?

    7. How do you know a mare is of breeding quality? What qualities do you look for?

    8. Why is it preferable to have a contract between the stallion owner and mare owner? In what ways would each owner be benefited by this?

  • 9. What is one conformation or genetic default in your mare that would require special actions before or after breeding?

    10. What are signs of an impending birth, 2-3 weeks prior, 2-3 days prior.

    11. What is the ideal time for a foal to be born? What medical factors could make you want the foal born earlier? Later?

    12. What is one reason that a foal should be weaned from his mother early?

    13. When is the age span a foal should be weaned?

    14. At what age should a foal first be vaccinated and what vaccinations should the foal receive?

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