Veterinary & Farrier

Veterinary & Farrier Tests

In order to practice as a veterinarian or farrier,
either on your own horses or anyone else, you must pass
the Vet Test or Farrier Test. Then you will be able to join
the Veterinary Practice or the Farrier Practice.

Please be advised
If you would like to take the veterinary or farrier tests,
you may do so after being in the game for two months.
You will ONLY BE ABLE to vet/farrier your horses.
Once you become a barn owner, then you can apply for a business.

Veterinary Test

Farrier Test

Certified Veterinary & Farrier Services

Amerty Equine
Owned by Amy Kelly

Parasol Equine Clinic
Owned by Schuyler

For those who are interested in owning a business,
post your idea to the message forum and then send your idea, along with the URL
to the Review Committee.

Once we have thoroughly reviewed the site, we will send it back to you
for any and all corrections to be made

Once it has been approved by us, you can then post it to the form for voting
by the current active players. You must receive between 75% of the voting players
for it to become an active business.

Since the amount of work you spend on the website is a criteria for approval,
be sure you put some effort in it!

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