Please be aware that we will be strictly enforcing those rules and the rules are subject to change at any given time as we get further along so please do yourself a favor: READ THEM.

1. Any member may import a horse as long as they do not violate H!L rules by owning more than their limit of horses.

2. There is no cost to import a horse at this time, and we would like to encourage the importing of horses into H!L to bring in new bloodlines.

3. Members may import no more than 5 horses PER MONTH.Abide by your overall horse limits as well

4. An imported horse DOES NOT EXIST until it is approved and you receive notification. (Do NOT register the horse in the ER until you receive notification that the horse is approved.)

5. All show records must be submitted at the same time as the import form to count towards points. You will be emailed with the number of starting points your imported horse will have once the horse is approved.

6. No horse is to play in two games at the same time. If your horse is found in two games at once it will be deleted from H!L.

7. Horses that are imported MAY NOT BE SOLD OR BRED for 60 days and must still meet the point requirement before being bred.

Consequences for rule violations

1st Violation
Revocation of importation abilities for 60 days

2nd Violation
Fine (amount determined by the Players Council)

3rd Violation
Loss of ALL importation abilities

8. Proof of the horse's existence in another game/stable they are being imported from is MANDITORY before approval. Proof may be shown by the following:

  • You MUST provide a link to the game regardless of what type of proof you show.
  • A link to the game’s main registry that show the horse in it.
  • A link to the stable the horse is kept at that shows they exist.
  • An email from the game’s OWNER/PRESIDENT that notifies us of the horse’s existence in the game
  • A link to a message board with show results from the past that has the horse in the results.

    9.Horses may be imported from the following places:

  • Any other sim game that IS NOT AUTOMATED.
  • A personal all sim stable owned by the person who wishes to import the horse.
  • An all sim auction.

    10. Horses who are imported will no longer hold recognition titles from the game they were imported from. They may, however, hold any ERP title from H!L that they qualify for.


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