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The Players' Council is the governing body of the game. Members are chosen from experienced players who are either current barn owners, or who have owned a barn in H!L at any point of time. If you have a problem that your counselor is not able to help you resolve, please contact the Players Council.

The Players' Council is divided into 2 Committees:

1. Review Committee ~ Chair - Amy K.
Has the authority to suspend or expell players from the game
Reviews all player applications (ie. barn ownership application, new association application)

2. Inspecting Committee ~ Chair - Lija
Has the authority to demand to view the bank accounts of all players
Has the authority to close down barns, associations, breed registries and business.
Performs random checks on all barns, associations, breed registries and businesses.

When a post is vacated by a leaving member, each member of the Council will nominate 1 member to step in. The player with the highest number of nominations will be invited to join the Players' Council. If there are many vacant positions, elections may also be held in which those who wish to fill the positions apply, and are voted for by the entire body of members.

Email the Review Committee IF...

  • You see a link or advertisement for another cyberbarn game on any HL-related page or email.
  • You receive a chain letter or mass-mail from another player.
  • You notice a player violating copyright laws.
  • A player has been harassing you (be sure to forward the offensive email or chat transcript).
  • You see any inappropriate language or content on any HL-related page or email (be sure to forward the URL or email).
  • You notice a player giving out the username and password for the Members-Only Site

  • Email the Inspection Committee IF...

  • You suspect any player of not keeping or updating his/her financial records.
  • You have evidence that a player has been falsifying his/her financial records
  • You suspect a player of owning more horses than (s)he has permission to
  • You suspect a barn, association, breed registry or business of being inactive, ie: not respond to emails.
  • An association does not host shows at least once in 2 months.
  • The owner of a breed registry does not give you your horse's registration numbers within 2 weeks.
  • You do not get a reply from a business 2 weeks after you buy something from it.
  • Email the Player's Council if you are unsure.

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